3 days. Over 15 mentors

At Your Very Own University

DYPB is 3-days of networking and breakout sessions, workshops and activities, competitions and extreme learning aimed at helping participants design their personal brand and introduce it to the world with confidence. Industry experts and individuals with exemplary personal brands take the stage at a chosen university to help you be the person you have always wanted to be and identify who you are not.


University of Gujrat





The year 2016



250 Participants

DYPB is designed to benefit up to 250 participants at each university it goes to. The first DYPB is taking place at University of Gujrat but you can invite us to your university too!

5 Keynote Speakers

Successful individuals with exemplary, and some extreme, personal brands will talk about their personal story to set the tone for each of our five segments and inspire others to be unique.

Power Workshops

Power workshops are aimed at helping you take away lessons that are applicable in life right from the conference, to help you design your personal brand. No fluff. All learning.

Very similar to fire-side chats, the Coffee Schmooze is your chance to network with and get to know your mentors and panelists in an informal setting. 

Coffee Schmooze

In groups of up to 10 individuals, participants will work under the guidance of a mentor to design, refine and develop their personal brand infrastructure and digital presence. 

Break-out session

Awards & Entertainment

Sporadic entertaining performances throughout the conference will ensure that there are no energy dips during the conference. A concluding award ceremony will be held to give away certificates and shields to participants, mentors, panelists and other guests.

Participants will present their final personal brand pitches to the audience and our panel of judges. Individuals with the top 3 pitches will get the chance to be on Minerva's Student Advisory Board!

The Final Pitch



Mentors and speakers at DYPB comprise of successful individuals with exemplary personal brands, experts on the various elements of personal branding and mentors who will guide you through the process of developing your very own personal brand. To find out who is joining us for DYPB (University of Gujrat), stay tuned to our social media platforms. 



Applications are currently open exclusively for students of the University of Gujrat.


Follow the registration procedure outlined on the right to get your access card to DYPB 2016 Conference.

Registration deadline: January 25, 2016

Registration fee: Rs 4,000/- per participant




Collect an application from the UoG Student Services Center.

Fill out the application form. All fields are necessary and must be filled out clearly and without errors. Submit the filled out form to the UoG Student Services Center.

When you submit the application form and fee, the UoG Student Services Center will issue an access pass that you must keep safe with you and bring with you to the Conference to be allowed entry.



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