Maham Khan
Jan 22, 2018

Working on a short story


This is a story about an old woman who is looking back on her life. Any comments and critiques would be appreciated. These are the opening lines:


Every morning, she made herself a cup of black coffee, pulled up a chair to the kitchen window and looked out. The universe was in curvatures, it was bending all around her. There was small stack of books on the kitchen table. She was trying to understand, to see the thread holding the cosmos together. It may not be a thread, it could be a shadow. The common shadow of all things. She took a long sip. It was 7:30. Her white hair was in a flimsy bun on the back of her neck. Her hands had age spots and the edges of her eyeballs were a little milky. Her mouth had the wise purse her father had had at that age, many years ago. She lit a cigarette.

Outside, the morning was foggy and quiet. Her mother had hated foggy weather. It made her feel suffocated. But Eira loved the mist, she always had. She had lived in Lahore for many years, had woken up on December mornings and seen wisps of white fog drifting eerily by window. Her breath would fog up the glass as she pressed her hands against, willing to look past the haze. On the bus, the passengers would huddle together in their tweed coats, trudging along potholed roads and grassy banks of the canal.

New Posts
  • Zoha Jan
    Feb 11, 2018

    Other people have bodies too, just like me Bodies they have an inevitable urge to destroy when they are stained by their own people Bodies they starve to death just to feed others' eyes Bodies they love to hate for the standards set by no one knows whom Other people have souls too Souls filtered too many times, they often tend to split into two Souls too pure to be shown to the world Souls with light that the world often fails to comprehend So they shut it down in a dark place inside of them until they forget they even had one Other people have minds too Minds too are scarred by the things they never wanted Minds absorbing things they never wanted to learn about Minds scared of bursting because their nerves move a lot They think and think and think about the things not in their control way too much that it gets out of control and they lose the little control they thought they had Other people have hearts too Hearts painted with things, almost theirs Hearts full of the pain they welcomed so passionately Hearts they lost on their way back home and now they're trying to create it out of the things they're left with Hearts so full of love yet so empty, you could drop them at a little kindness Other people have fallen in love too, just like me Some of them are too scared to admit it Some won't know until they lose it And some are too busy writing about it rather than telling it to the person Because they don't want the little home they've created in this strange world, to crumble and that too with their own hands.
  • Hamza Muzaffar
    Feb 11, 2018

    I have used a light color today to dress my lips, And a dark touch to shade my eyes. I have stepped out to seek someone. I am standing across the road & my eyes searching for a buyer to take me, seduce me, molest me. To snatch my existence from me. As the sun snatches the existence of ice balls and converts them into the water. I have stepped out in this midnight, To plead someone to shatter me, Shatter every piece of me, To confiscate my identity As the hurricanes have done to islands. It is raining today. Rain trickling down as a curse for me. No one is out here to hear my begging. No one is here today, to shatter me. The drop of rains have made my lips naked, And caused my eyes to flood. My face has gone dark, I don’t want to be here. But – My brother is 3 & my sister is 7! They won’t eat tomorrow Because I wasn’t shattered, I wasn’t broken. I am a beautiful young woman, I have heard them calling me by name, Prostitute.