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We're on a mission to help people live their best lives.


Most people spend a significant part of their day and lives building a career they can be proud of. For them, how they are doing in their careers gives them a sense of identity and self worth. Our work therefore, revolves entirely around helping people do great in their work lives.


And it begins by doing the same for our team.

We are committed to building a strong, diverse team that finds purpose in the work they do at Minerva and are not afraid to provide support and help when one of us needs it.

Our values and culture

Building a strong culture based on shared values is the only way we can achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Here are the four key values we stand by.


We believe there is no better way to do business than to put people first. A culture of empathy requires that we learn to understand the consequences of our actions and decisions on people we care about. At Minerva, therefore, feelings are not just acknowledged but encouraged.


For a remote team to operate seamlessly and produce results, transparency is key. Whether it's keeping everyone informed, being honest and setting the right expectations or keeping your rough scribbles available for team viewing, transparency is crucial.

A bias for action

We are not afraid to take action. Most decisions and actions are reversible so we believe it's better to do something now than to not do anything at all till later.


We challenge mediocrity all the time. Our excellence lies in mastery of our tools and skills, a sense of responsibility towards our purpose and our clients, a significant level of autonomy, creativity and dignity.

Career opportunities


Technical Recruitment Associate


Talent Acquisition Manager


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