Students' Training & Internship Program



Thrice a year, Minerva opens doors to a group of carefully selected students and graduates to give them the chance to  commence their professional life with Minerva's Students' Training & Internship Program (STIP).


This is not your regular coffee-fetching, photo-copying internship. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to unlearn things to learn new ones. It offers flexibility but demands tremendous responsibility and work ethic.


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Learn from real-life experiences

We involve STIP participants in REAL work. You solve real life problems, work on actual challenges and help build products and services that benefit thousands.

Benefit from access to mentors

We connect you to industry influencers and experts that not only mentor you on technical skills but also help you make sense of the corporate world.

Get clarity on career choices

Self awareness is an essential skill for growth. The flexibility to craft your own experience from this program enables you to test your mettle and identify what you're truly good at and enjoy!

Develop essential skills (and more)

By the time you graduate from STIP, you will already have gained the clarity and confidence to face any challenge your next job throws at you - from being able to build better relationships to solving problems, and from ideation to execution, you have a solid foundation to build on. 

Flaunt a résumé that shines

We work on your personal brand and all assets that make you more visible to the industry. This includes working on creating effective resumes, social profiles and more.

Publish your digital certificates

You take away a digital certificate that can be published online on successful completion of the program. For many, this certificate itself has become a way to convince employers of their ability and commitment.

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Meet the mentors

Saad Hamid

Community Manager

Developer Relations & Ecosystem


  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Sana Khalid

Chief Operating Officer

The Hive

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Sibtain Haider

Communications Officer

Voices from the field


  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Umar Taj

Executive Teaching Fellow

London School of Economics and Political Science

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

What alumni have to say


STIP, in its subtleties and attention to detail, transformed me in just 4 months. With its well-balanced training programs, you get an insight into just about anything that can enable you to excel.


The change I experienced after my time in Minerva is very fulfilling for me at least on a personal level. 


An amazing learning experience, STIP is an equal opportunity program that acted as a great motivation booster for me.


I could not help but notice the fearlessness and confidence it inculcated in all of us. 


The best part about being an intern at Minerva is the opportunity you get to work with a diverse group of people.


It teaches you a lot about management, leadership, and team work.