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(Fresh) Android Software Engineer


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In this role, you will:

  • Ship your first code, usually a change isolated to <5 files.

  • Work on minor feature requests & bug-fixes to grow familiar with their codebase.

  • Ship your first significant feature spanning changes to multiple files and subsystems.

  • Ship increasingly complex projects. 

  • Specialize in either data engineering, back end engineering, or front end development

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have humility and willingness to learn.

  • Be proactive and excited to work with a small but progressive team on building the largest online retail network

  • Have strong sense of ownership

  • Have experience of building a non-academic project from scratch. This could be a contribution to open source code, a personal project, or a significant project at an internship or an impressive personal project.

About the employer:

Tajir is a new way to buy inventory

Tajir offers a one-stop shop for stores to buy inventory. Through Tajir, stores can order whenever they want, receive on-demand delivery, enjoy transparent, competitive prices, and choose from the largest selection of products available.

Tajir takes a process that took a dozen hours every week and reduces it to a few minutes.

Suppliers can sell to stores directly through Tajir, enjoying greater sales at higher margins with zero additional investment.

Since their launch, they have become the first Pakistan-focused company funded by Y Combinator.

Today, Tajir helps stores save money and boost sales. Their vision is to provide every store in Pakistan the essential services it needs to grow.



Other benefits:

Whatever it takes!

  • Unlimited leave

  • Provident Fund

  • Healthcare insurance

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