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As Lead Compensation & Benefits, you will be the sole team member heading the Compensation and benefits of Arbisoft and its clients. This person will manage internal and external data, strategise and develop policies, current statistical analysis, reports, and all processes and structures around benefits and compensation for the company.

In this role, you will:

  • Design and implement Arbisoft’s compensation and benefits programs and activities to maintain internal equity and external market competitiveness.

  • Conduct regular job evaluations to constantly monitor the scope and complexity of jobs within Arbisoft.

  • Conduct regular market pricing exercises to define internal salary slabs.

  • Actively monitor local and global compensation benchmarks (leavers and joiners) to maintain internal equity and come up with retention strategies.

  • Come up with detailed analysis and proposals to reach desired benchmarks and percentiles.

  • Design and execute short-term & long-term bonus plans (adjustment bonus, annual performance bonus, recurring bonus, product bonus, etc).

  • Participate in remuneration surveys. (P@sha, Mercer, etc).

  • Analyze and evaluate external market data as well as internal data about the organization's current and future headcount needs in order to develop salary budgets and forecasts.

  • Suggest and implement mid/annual increments and salary revisions as per updated benchmarks.

  • Maintain the database of team members’ updated compensation structures (local, wired, bonus details, etc).

  • Be the point of contact for YoY Earning graphs questions and discrepancies.

  • Regularly present plans and initiatives summaries to the salary review advisory committee.

  • Responsible for planning and maintaining Arbisoft’s top talent compensation plans.

  • Prepare C&B Reports as requested by the Board and committees.

  • Calculate Exit Bonuses of leavers and add them to their ERP profiles respectively.

  • Enrolment of New Hires in various Compensation Plans.

  • Assist Internal and External auditors during Financial Audits.

The ideal candidate will:

The right fit will have the ability to think out of the box and come up with the best value-addition practices for the desired impact like building an innovative reward program that powers a pioneering company which ultimately improves employee satisfaction and creates a productive workplace. This role requires hands-on expertise in ERP, analytics, excel, and dashboards.

About the employer:

Arbisoft, a tech pioneer in Pakistan, aims to create impactful digital solutions and experiences across various sectors and platforms on a global scale. Arbisoft’s extensive client base epitomises the company’s excellence and capability to design and engineer robust software.



Other benefits:

Competitive Salary

Medical allowance policy for self, spouse, children and parents

Fuel allowance

Travel allowance


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