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Senior Android Engineer


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We are looking for a Senior Android Engineer to join the code-savvy team at Tajir. We are looking for a proactive person who is excited to work with a small but progressive team on Tajir's upcoming online retail network that is set to become the largest such network you will see. The right candidate will be working on products and developing new features with a problem solving approach and building the android app with Java and Kotlin using an MVVM Clean architecture.

In this role, you will:

  • Own complex features end-to-end, from design to implementation to release.

  • Ensure a seamless user experience with zero crashes, glitches, or hiccups.

  • Ensure high software quality and maintainability through appropriate design patterns, testing, and processes.

  • Continuously improve tooling to supercharge developer productivity.

  • Help assess, recruit, and mentor future engineers.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have 3+ years in Android development.

  • Be experienced in building a high-quality, user friendly Android applications.

  • Have experience building and maintaining a large, complex code base.

  • Be familiar with modern Android design patterns.

UX design skills and working knowledge of RESTful API design will be an added advantage.

About the employer:

Tajir is a new way to buy inventory

Tajir offers a one-stop shop for stores to buy inventory. Through Tajir, stores can order whenever they want, receive on-demand delivery, enjoy transparent, competitive prices, and choose from the largest selection of products available.

Tajir takes a process that took a dozen hours every week and reduces it to a few minutes.

Suppliers can sell to stores directly through Tajir, enjoying greater sales at higher margins with zero additional investment.

Since their launch, they have become the first Pakistan-focused company funded by Y Combinator.

Today, Tajir helps stores save money and boost sales. Their vision is to provide every store in Pakistan the essential services it needs to grow.



Other benefits:

Whatever it takes!

  • Unlimited leave

  • Provident Fund

  • Healthcare insurance

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