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Senior Product Designer


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We’re seeking an experienced Senior Product Designer with a passion for solving problems and a love for making experiences simple, intuitive, and beautiful.

In this role, you will:

  • Be an advocate for the end-user.

  • Work with Product Managers to understand business objectives

  • Gather critical design requirements from all stakeholders and work with Product Managers to prioritize them.

  • Produce an Interview Script to capture a deep understanding of all pain-points.

  • Formulate the user research into personas and their journey maps.

  • Finalize the broad product strategy for the pain-points by working alongside Product Managers.

  • Produce user-flows or flow-charts after brainstorming and narrowing down solutions.

  • Use Figma to implement the solutions as finished designs.

  • When necessary, create polished graphic elements to accompany the designs.

  • Maintain the highest aesthetic standard while keeping in touch with design trends.

  • Gather design feedback from the stakeholders and feasibility from the Developers.

  • Convert Figma designs into interactive Figma mockups for demonstration and user-testing.

  • Write a User Testing Script to test the mockup with end-users, outlining test cases and user tasks.

  • Organize findings from user-testing sessions and refine any identified inefficiencies in the design.

  • Produce design-specification documents to communicate mechanical details of the design to the developers.

  • Brief developers on the designs and the details about their intended functionalities.

  • Hand-off or configure designs and assets in Figma for seamless handover to the development team.

  • Monitor the developers’ progress closely and provide feedback to ensure accurate design implementation.

  • Sign-off on the designs alongside your Product Management counterparts, for launch.

  • Conduct interviews and monitor user sessions to measure post-launch design efficacy of launched designs.

  • Monitor success metrics alongside your Product Management counterparts to measure design efficacy.

  • Propose design optimizations by reacting to post-launch design-efficacy.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have a compelling design portfolio.

  • Be experienced using Figma to design intuitive user flows and interactive prototypes.

  • Have demonstrated ability to produce UIs and visual designs with a clean and beautiful aesthetic.

  • Have an understanding of Design Thinking.

  • Have a Strong Product Sense - understanding the contexts around user needs and wants in light of their experience through your designs.

  • Have demonstrated ability to unearth user needs through research while distilling those findings to instill empathy for the user throughout the company.

  • Have demonstrated ability to synthesize complex problems into simple and elegant solutions.

  • Have systems thinking and an ability to articulate that thinking effectively for your teammates to follow.

  • Be comfortable working with abstract problems; evolving them into concrete ideas.

  • Be experienced in conducting usability testing sessions and distilling findings into actionable items.

  • Have a good know how of motion design for interactions.

  • Have good knowledge of HTML and CSS.

  • Have a keen interest in the latest conversation on user experience, design tools, and design trends.

  • Have excellent time and priority management skills.

  • Have strong written and spoken English.

About the employer:

The employer is a Team Augmentation company specializing in placing Senior Talent at US-based companies building cutting-edge products.



Other benefits:


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