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Senior Software Engineer - QA


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The Senior Software Engineer - QA at Bykea will be responsible for both manual and automation testing, all aspects of software QA, scheduling, QA load balancing, prioritizing tasks & deliverables for critical software checkpoints and milestones in the SDLC life cycle for mobile and web apps including native and PWAs.

In this role, you will:

  • Review quality specifications and technical design documents to provide meaningful feedback

  • Estimate, prioritize and plan testing activities efficiently

  • Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test designs

  • Troubleshoot and perform root cause analysis against the identified bugs

  • Collaborate with the development and product teams to improve the quality of the deliverables and ensure the business needs are met.

  • Test APIs using tools like Postman/Jmeter etc

  • Create and mainten Web/API/UI automation test scripts with the object-oriented approach using Page Object Model etc

  • Test reports and other documentation

  • Coach and mentor the QA team members

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have Bachelors in IT/Computer science from a well reputed institute

  • Have 4+ years of experience as a software quality assurance engineer

  • Have at least 1-2 years of working experience on automation tools & technologies

  • Be able to perform responsibilities in a fast paced and agile environment through collaboration with the team members

  • Possess strong assessment of product requirements, features and functionalities with concepts and logics

  • Be well-oriented in the whole range of processes and have a strong knowledge of software QA methodologies and process

  • Have experience in testing and automating REST APIs

  • Have strong knowledge of databases especially postgresql and Mongo

  • Be hands on experience (but not limited to) on Appium for mobile apps, JMeter for load and API testing, selenium/cypress for Web UI testing

  • Have passion for learning new testing tools, frameworks and strategies – required

About the employer:

Bykea is your everyday, everything Super App
From helping you reach work at rates cheaper than a rickshaw to transferring money to friends and family, Bykea can do it all and more.

It is one of the very few scaled up products in Pakistan with millions of monthly customers. For an engineer, this means you get the chance to work on solving complex problems like nowhere else.



Other benefits:

What it takes to hire the best!

  • Work with an employer that values top talent

  • Enjoy the opportunity to work on exciting problems that come with working on a scaled up product like Bykea

  • Work with an A-Team of technical and nontechnical leadership that bring global experience and insights

  • The regulars: EOBI contributions, annual leaves, etc

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