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Can I join STIP? Am I eligible?


If you are a passionate, self-motivated student or recent graduate, looking to take the first step towards a professional career and gain some work experience while learning new things and challenging yourself to move into uncharted territories, you already fulfill half the criteria to join STIP. Also, ask yourself:


  • Are you between 20 - 25 years old?

  • Have you completed at least one year of your Bachelor's degree?

  • Can you commit to the full tenure and timings of STIP?

  • Do you have a reliable internet connection and a laptop to work from home, and conveyance to attend meetings and events in Islamabad twice a week?​

  • Are you up for challenges that force you to get out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to go out of the way to achieve given targets?


If the answer to all of the above is yes, you are eligible.


Further requirements for each available vacancy are mentioned on 'STIP Openings'

What is the duration and timings of STIP?


The duration and timings of the program depend on the session you join.


Summer Session (July - September):

8 weeks


Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(You may be called in for Saturdays for work in case of events, training, meetings or tight deadlines)


Regular Session:

14 - 16 weeks


STIP participants work virtually from home at flexible timings during the week, with the exception of:


  • one 3-hour meet-up any day between Monday to Friday every week, and

  • one full-day (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) meet-up every Saturday.


While working virtually from home, STIP participants are required to be available over the phone on predetermined timings, regularly check e-mail and submit work on determined deadlines.



I do not have personal conveyance. Can I work from home?

Summer batch:

The summer batch is an on-site batch and attendance at work through out the week and during events is mandatory. 

Regular batch:

Meet-ups twice a week are a mandatory part of STIP. Most of our meeting venues are set along or close to the Metro route to facilitate participants. If you think you still will not be able to make it to meetings, trainings and events, you will not be able to continue with the program. A lot of learning and network building takes place at events we get you access to. Sitting behind a computer alone hardly helps bring out the leader in you.

Do I receive an experience certificate for participating in STIP?


On successful completion of your STIP tenure, not only do you receive an experience certificate, you also get acknowledged for all the trainings you have attended during your time at Minerva.


What trainings do I receive during STIP?


The most important component of training is the one you receive through hands-on experience working on real-life projects and problems. However, during the course of the program, we identify problem areas of participants and offer a mix of formal and informal trainings to help develop a stronger skill set. Trainings for each batch vary with our assessment of the need for such trainings. Some of the trainings we have offered to STIP participants of earlier batches covered MS Office, written communication, presentation skills, graphic design, leadership skills, public speaking, research and writing, design tools, and other organisational skills.


What sort of career prospects does STIP offer? 


STIP participants may be offered full-time opportunities with any of Minerva's running projects. However, job offers are subject to available vacancies, participants' performances and their suitability and availability for the vacancy. We may also refer participants to hiring organisations giving them leverage over other candidates.

Joining STIP in itself, however, is not a promise or confirmation of employment.


What does 'successful completion' of STIP tenure mean?


Successful completion of STIP tenure means that you complete the full term of the internship program and do so successfully i.e. achieve the targets and meet deadlines set at the start of your internship period and handover projects and any other intellectual property or assets of Minerva provided to you.


What happens if I can not complete the entire duration of the internship program?


If, for any reason whatever it may be, a STIP participant quits the program without completion of the internship period,no experience or training certificates are issued to them.


In what circumstances can my internship be terminated?


Interns get regular feedback on performance - good and bad. If an intern continuously underperforms and / or is unable to meet deadlines, he / she is issued a warning. Inability to improve performance subsequent to the warning can result in termination. The contract may also be terminated if the intern is guilty of misconduct or is in breach of the internship contract.


My vacations start after the commencement of STIP's current session (or I have to be somewhere else). Can I join at a later date?


The first few days of STIP are crucial to performing well during the rest of the period. Therefore, those who do not available during any of the first 2 weeks are dropped from the program. 



My exams fall between the STIP session. Do I get days off?


Participants are entitled to:

  • 3 days' leave during STIP's Summer Session but not within the first 2 weeks

  • 10 days' leave during STIP's Regular Sessions but not within the first one month

What if I am not satisfied with STIP?

At STIP we conduct regular reviews and feedback sessions. These sessions work both ways - the mentors provide feedback to the interns and interns provide feedback to mentors. If you are not satisfied with the opportunities provided to you as part of STIP, you should point them out at the earliest possible review session so your concerns can be addressed timely.

We also encourage that you understand the purpose of STIP and how it works completely before making the decision to join.