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June 15 - June 27, 2020

Meet our partners

Your next big career move is around the corner

Between June 15 - June 30, we introduce you to those that have been where you are today - whether you're deciding to quit a job, self learn code, switch careers, move to C-Level or find opportunities beyond the border - through live talks, panels and portfolio demos that can be viewed live on our facebook page.

During these two weeks, we are also accepting requests for access to our network of handpicked professionals whom we connect to opportunities at top-tier organisations in the country.  



Portfolio demos | Showcase

Inspire others or get inspired.


Walk us through your portfolio of work or watch others showcase projects they are proud of. From beautiful code to functional design - portfolio demos and showcases will feature it all. 

All demos and showcases will be streamed live on our facebook page


Talks | Fireside chats | Panel discussions | Dev Summit

Listen to the stories of those who made unusual and bold career choices, live on our facebook page

This may be the inspiration you need to make yours.

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Network of top-tier professionals

We are reviewing your request and will get back by June 30.

Request access to our living, breathing network of top-tier professionals whom we work with to find top-tier opportunities around Pakistan - from entry-level jobs to C-Level moves.

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Speakers and panelists

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